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As a parent/guardian of one or more underage individuals, I pledge the following:

1.) I will NOT provide alcohol or drugs to any underage individual in my home or on my property.

2.) I will safeguard alcohol and currently used prescription drugs with a lock to prevent underage/unprescribed access to them.

3.) I will immediately and appropriately dispose of any leftover prescription drugs by dropping them at a local police/fire station or disposing of them appropriately. Visit our page on How to Discard Unused Medication for more information.

4.) I will supervise underage individuals gathered in my home by physically checking in on them at least once per hour.

5.) If I discover any underage substance abuse in my home or on my property I will immediately contact the parents/guardians of all individuals involved.

In exchange for committing to this PAIRENT PACT, I will receive a PAIRENT PACT sticker to display on the back of my windshield.  This symbol lets other parents/guardians in the community know that our home adheres to the Addiction is Real PAIRENT PACT.

I also give permission for Addiction is Real, Inc. to send me periodic email communications.

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