Did you know talking to your kids early and often about the dangers of drugs and alcohol can reduce their chances of trying them by up to 50%? You can have a huge impact on your child’s choices simply by having the conversation.

Start Talking Today!

We challenge you to take The Lemonade Stand Against Drugs and Alcohol.
And we’re here to help step by step!


Step 1: Educate Yourself

Whether your child is in preschool, elementary, middle or high school, explore our Parent Toolkit for age-appropriate topics and conversation starters here.

Step 2: Spend Time with Your Child & Start Talking

What kid doesn’t want to have a lemonade stand!? Spend some quality time helping your kids set up a table, make a sign and prepare the lemonade. As you enjoy this fun-filled activity, encourage a healthy lifestyle and praise them for engaging in positive, fun activities like this! In an age-appropriate way, take the opportunity to make them aware of unhealthy situations that may present themselves and how they should respond. Be clear about where you stand when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Finish the conversation with positive reinforcement and praise of their healthy choices.


STEP 3:  Donate

Teach your child about philanthropy by encouraging them to donate a portion of their lemonade stand  proceeds to Addiction is Real, to help keep other kids safe and healthy. Your child’s donation will be directly reinvested into our educational program. We'll even send you a free bracelet as a thank you! Donations can be made online.

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