Our Events

Our events are intended to empower and teach parents the necessary skills to go home and begin an effective and ongoing conversation with their child about drugs & alcohol. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the importance of these conversations, and more knowledge on issues pertaining to adolescent drug & alcohol use.

Hidden In Plain View

Hidden in Plain View is a traveling bedroom exhibit that we set up on-site for parents to search & explore.  The exhibit contains over 60 items that could signal involvement in risky activities including  alcohol and drug use.  Parents learn how to recognize these warning signs and get prevention tips for talking with their kids about the dangers of substance use.  Hidden in Plain View can be a standalone service (Parent Teacher Conferences, etc.), or in conjunction with our standard 50-minute presentation (recommended).

Help educate more parents by bringing this exhibit to your kids’ school.

Event FAQ

Audiences range from parents to educators and everyone in-between. We recommend only adults attend due to some of the content addressed.

Who can book an event?
Anyone. Typically, someone will contact us when they have a group of parents interested in our message.

Where are presentations generally done?
We are quite flexible on where presentations are held. Whether it’s a school, a church, or someone’s home, we can make it work.

How long is the presentation?
The presentation itself is 30 minutes, followed by 10-20 minutes of discussion. A PowerPoint presentation is utilized. Separate from the presentation is our ‘Hidden in Plain View’ bedroom setup that attendees walk through before or after the presentation. Since both the presentation and the bedroom setup are equally important, we recommend doing both if time permits. However, we will do only one or the other if requested.

How long does it take to setup the ‘Hidden in Plain View’ display?
We will arrive an hour before the event to setup.

Is there cost to book an event?
In our first year we were able to provide our presentation and Hidden in Plain View exhibit free of charge.  As of 10/1/17, we charge $250 for local events and $500 for events that are over 45 minutes away from St. Louis County.  If you are unable to afford this fee, please let us know and we can work on a solution with you.  We want all communities to have access to our program. 



Large Presentations
A large presentation, typically more than 50 people, consists of a 30-minute presentation followed by a 20-minute discussion with group members. 

Small Group
The only difference between a large presentation and a small group presentation is the number of attendees. A small group generally consists of 50 people, or less.