“In three years of this expo, Addiction is Real had the best exhibit we have ever had.  It was met with a steady flow of parents and they were blown away by the eye opening experience.”

- Matt Schindler, School Counselor, Selvidge Middle School

“"THANK YOU so very much for the informative, moving and powerful presentation that you provided last night to our community.  I cannot tell you how much positive feedback I received from nearly every parent I encountered as they were exiting for the night; some with tears in their eyes.  The difference you made, and make, is real and substantial and I have no doubt, life changing and life saving.”

- Joe Sutton, Fort Zumwalt North Principal

 “Addiction is Real’s presentation is a must see for all parents.  The knowledge it offers is a powerful tool that parents need to support their children.”

- Anne Miller, Principal, Parkway West Middle School


“I just wanted to thank you for all you do!  Your presentation and interactive room were amazing and eye-opening for many of us.”  

- Michelle Hamilton, School Counselor, Steeleville High School

"A quick word to express how powerful this evening’s presentation was. We live in a community where our children have easy access to money, cars, and have unsupervised free time. Unfortunately all of these contribute to drug and alcohol use in teens. Tonight’s presentation provided a balance between hands-on exploration of the bedroom scenario and raw emotion from the presenter that connected with every parent. This was well done.”

Anonymous Parent

 “These events are heartfelt outreach to increase awareness about drug use in our teens.  The events are eye-openers for all who attend and are designed to begin the conversation between parents, students and schools about the dangers of substance use.”

- Mimi Holder, Executive Board Member, Alliance for Healthy Communities


“This is truly an eye opening experience that serves as a great resource for parents to understand how easy it is for ANY FAMILY to be effected by drug use. You won't want to miss this unique experience!”

- Tess Moore, School Counselor, Farmington Middle School


“Addiction is Real has proven to be a wonderful partner. Team members are clearly passionate and committed to their work and they have been reliable in all aspects of planning and program implementation. Their program, Hidden in Plain View, is well-designed and unique in its format and learning objectives. Participant evaluations of Hidden in Plain View have consistently been enthusiastic, characterized by comments indicating that significant learning occurs.”

- Ken McManus, Coalition Director, Alliance for Healthy Communities